FUND E-Z 11.0

Perform mailings, acknowledgements, soft credits and matching gifts
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FUND E-Z Development

The most user-friendly fund raising program available. Affordable and comprehensive. Manage donors, donations and pledges. Perform mailings, acknowledgements, soft credits and matching gifts. Enhanced communication and relationship tools help you stay in touch.

Main features:
-FUND E-Z makes it simple to organize donors, gifts and pledges.
-Import donors, gifts and pledges from Excel or from text files.
-Share active tasks among team members.
-One-click address block merges.
-Each user can define a custom quick access menu.
-Many flexible pre-designed reports are just a few clicks away.
-Create and save custom reports that pivot, sort, subtotal and group by any fund raising data field, and contain user defined columns and filters.
-Track households and their members, including aggregate giving history for all household members.
-Charge gifts to campaigns, appeals, and sub-appeals.
-Matching gift functions notify, remind and organize gifts from affiliated donors.
-Mail merge letters and emails with auto-tracking of mailings performed.
-User-defined giving levels are auto-updated on each donor’s record as gifts are recorded.
-Record donor interactions for every type of donor contact, including tasks assigned to internal development staff.
-Mail at the household level, or to each individual donor.
-Create ‘Views’ for reporting, or as a targeted list for letters, emails, or labels.
-Print budgets by event, for any period, with variances and goal results.

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